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As the brother of the groom, you will be very high up on the list of the possible candidates to be chosen as the best man for his wedding day. Not only will you need to arrange the stag do and events within it, but you will be required to write and perform a best mans speech in front of your entire family and life long friends.

Responsibility is what you will be all about from the day your brother asks you to be his best man, so taking this seriously is very important.

Très Drôle !

If the audience are expecting fits of giggles to come from anyone’s speech, it will be yours. Have you ever attended a wedding where the best man has not made fun of the groom or sampled silly jokes at the expense of anyone but himself?

Those types of weddings are extremely rare so if you wish to perform a more traditional speech, make sure your funny bone is in one piece. You might not be a natural comedian, but you can get some friends in to help.

Talk to your friends to get some joke ideas about old stories.

A good idea would be to sit down for a while and talk with your mutual friends about old stories that you remember from days gone by. I would bet that a hundred anecdotes would pop out of the woodwork almost instantly after this conversation begins.

Time to Get Personal

Put aside the fact that you have very safely just embarrassed your darling sibling at his wedding, how it is time to touch the hearts of the loved ones that you are sharing the day with.

Thanking the groom and making a compliment to the bride is welcome by the audience

You must always start your speech with thanking your brother for asking you to be his best man, and then follow with a note on how beautiful the bride is looking on the most special day of her life. This will be almost one hundred per cent guaranteed to see the entire room nodding in agreement and clapping at your gesture.

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Once the room has calmed, you can talk about growing up with your brother and how you have watched him change as he grew up and fell in love.

Depending on the style of your relationship with your brother, marks how serious you will need to be or how deep you get talking about your childhood memories with him. If you ever need inspiration on what to talk about, refer to the internet.

Thousands of men have been through the same experience as you previously and I bet they wished they had this kind of resource when they were writing their own best mans speeches.

Luckily, you do so take inspiration from every angle possible and tailor the wording to suit your brother and his new wife.

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