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Being a bridesmaid is important not only for the bride but also for you as her best friend. And this is why you have to prepare for your bridesmaid speeches using a lot of bridesmaid speeches examples. It should not only tell your personal experiences with the bride but also your perception of who she really is. You should write down every move and word that you want to say to the couple during the reception so that you don’t feel nervous about speaking in front of so many people.

The Speech Example

Bridesmaid speeches examples normally consist of parentheses as enclosures for the gestures that you have to do while making the speech. Here is an example of a normal bridesmaid speech that you can use for the wedding.

“Good evening to you all. Before I begin talking about the newlyweds, let me first introduce myself. (puts hand onto chest) My name is Maria. I have been best friends with Whitney (looks at the bride) since we were in diapers. (laughter) I have seen her grow up and become the beautiful woman that she is today. She has always been a kind and caring person. Whitney would not be hovering over me like a mother hen when I have problems. She is just ready to listen and be a friend if ever I needed her. (gives the bride a meaningful look) She is the best friend one can ever have. I even treat her like my own sister. (giggle) Because I love her so much, I immediately agreed when she asked me to become her bridesmaid. This is my way of paying her back for all the good things that she has done for me. So, (looks at groom with mock anger) John, you better take care of my best friend. Or else I’m going to kill you! (giggle) seriously, you are very lucky to have her as your wife because she is the most amazing woman I have ever known.”

In this example, you will notice that there are certain parts where the writer would insert the audience laughter. These are the points where comic relief is necessary. Anecdotes about the bride are fitting for this part. Also, it would help to know something about the groom as well.

The Basic Guidelines

In following bridesmaid speeches examples, you must bear in mind the following guidelines so that you will not be taken off track. Here are the key parts of your speech.

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  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Speech Body
  • Closing

This outline will help you organize your thoughts and allow you to have more time to practice on the delivery of your speech.

If you think that you do not have the skill to write a good speech, you can get someone to do it for you. However, you have to make sure that it would not look like it was written by another person. It has to have your personal touch so that the bride will appreciate it more.

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