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The main point of making a best man speech is making a connection with the audience- particularly the bride and groom. As the best man, it is your responsibility to convey a message of hope and well wishes for the couple. It is a responsibility that people should not take for granted.  If you are invited as the best man, you should make the most out of it by making sure that your speech would be the best, in terms of content and meaning. In this case, a Christian best man speech can help you achieve all those things and more.

Christian Best Man Speech: Words of Encouragement

Putting a Christian influence in your speech will allow you to give the groom a spiritual perspective on things. You can show the couple how important it is to have God as the center of any relationship.  It will also give the groom a chance to understand how religion and spirituality can be significant in a marriage.

Since it is based on Bible, the Christian best man speech gives you the edge that you need to give advice to the married couple, when it comes to maintaining their marriage despite everything that might happen to challenge their commitment.

With a Christian best man speech, you can also give them spiritual guidance that may mean everything in their relationship in the future. With your guidance as the best man, it will be easy for them to come to you and ask for advice.

A Christian wedding speech will add to the spiritual side of your personality. When you deliver this speech, not only will you give advice to the couple, but also you will show that you are a religious and pious man. This will elevate your standard among the audience.

Knowing that the couple has God at the center of their lives, it will be much easier for them to keep their relationship together. In addition to this, they will do everything that they can to remain faithful to each other because of your reminder about their commitment to God as well as themselves.

Having a Christian best man speech will definitely give you the attention that you need while delivering a speech.  It will be easier for you to touch their hearts as well as their minds for years to come.

Christian Best Man Speech: With All Your Heart

Just like any other speech it’s important to have all your sincerity and honesty in this speech. It is something that enhances the integrity of the message that you want to deliver to the couple.  It will make your speech delivery easier because it’s just like sharing your experiences with a group of friends.

This is why it is important that when you deliver this speech, you have a good relationship with  God so that you can say your speech with conviction.

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Steve Robbins September 26, 2010 at 10:09 am

Yes, sincerity and honesty in the speech enhances the integrity of the message that you want to deliver to the couple. This is the main aspect that we should always remember in preparing and delivering best man speeches.

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