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Reciting a poem as a wedding speech is one of the most effective ways to express yourself during a wedding.  Maid of honor speech poems are one of the most effective ways to reach out to the audience and make them feel how important the bride is to you as her best friend.

When writing maid of honor speech poems, it would be most appreciated if you write the poem yourself.  However, the Internet is a great source of sample poems that you can use to base your speech on.

Tips on Writing Maid of Honor Speech Poems

You as a writer should remember that every poem comes from the heart.

Therefore, when you write your maid of honor speech poems, you should only express what you know about the bride.  Never invent something that you think would be an effective way to make the audience laugh or cry.  Usually maid of honors are chosen by the bride because of the close relationship that they have.  However, if you are not very close to the bride, you can ask her friends to help you write your very own speech.

There are two kinds of poems that you can use as a base for your speech. First one is what you call a free verse poem.  This is a poem that has no rhyme.  Measured or rhyming poetry has similar sounding words at the end of each verse.  Some say that a measured poem is harder to write than free verse.  However, this is entirely up to the writer.

An example of the free verse poem is as follows:

They began life’s journey in the most unexpected way
For they were both taking various different roads
But when it came for them to meet and be united and one
It was so easy for them to see the light and stand for what is true
And so, as they stand before us, we congratulate the husband and wife
And wish them all the happiness and joy that life has to offer

Here is an example of a measured poem:

The moment they met in that warm autumn day
The man knew that he was here on earth to be her ray
Of sunshine and of light to keep her warm during the night
And to give her all the happiness that she had only hoped
And so this woman who I so love
Made me very happy when she came with hope
That she had finally found the one who she had waited for so long
And that she was ready to settle down right where she belongs.

There is a great website full of free wedding poems that you can use in your speech – Wedding Poems For Free

The Grain of Truth

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As a final tip when writing maid of honor speech poems, you should never forget to speak only the truth through the lines that you say.  If you are able to do this, your speech will be heartfelt and appreciated by the bride and groom during the wedding.

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