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One thing that you have to remember as you write your very own maid of honor speeches is that it has to come from deep within your heart. You have to be sincere enough to know what to say and how to say it, without compromising the friendship you have with the bride. Your friendship should be the most important ingredient in this speech.

Maid of Honor Speeches: The Words That Bind

The best maid of honor speeches are usually composed of words that define your friendship with the bride. It should show the people in the reception how close you are to the bride and how important she is to you. The length of your speech is not very significant.  In fact, you should keep it as short as possible because there are many others who would surely want to speak after you.

You should stick to important point in your speech.  Remember the structure of a good speech.  A good speech always has a great beginning, middle and an ending that would leave the audience with the feeling of contentment and happiness.

In addition to this, you should remember that the maid of honor speeches are not about you.  They should be about the bride.  You should stick to descriptions about how the bride is as a friend not only to you but to all her other friends as well.

This is something that you should be able to convey without sounding forced.  If you really mean what you say in your speech, it would be easy for you to show the audience what kind of person the bride is. Just let them know how the bride treats you as her friend.

In connection with this, never tell embarrassing stories about the bride. This might ruin her reputation as a friend and family member. You should always tell good things that you know about your friend.

By doing this, the happy couple will appreciate your presence at the wedding.  You should also say some things in your speech that can liven up the atmosphere.  Maid of honor speeches should never be boring.

You can use a prop to illustrate a certain event that is important to you both as friends.  If you are able to do this, your speech will be remembered by all the participants in the wedding.  These are just some of the major factors that you have to remember when making your speech.  The most important thing to have during a speech is sincerity and honesty that you have, as a friend.

Maid of Honor Speeches: What Matters

As mentioned above, sincerity and honesty are important in a good maid of honor speech.  If you have these two points, your speech will be remembered for a long time.  What matters is that you are able to convey what you want to say in your speech.

It does not necessarily have to be written by the best. You just have to speak from your heart and it will become easy.

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