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5 Things to Mention in your Mother to Son Wedding Speech

Writing a wedding speech is no easy task, especially if you are the mother of the groom. A mother of groom wedding speech is one of the most difficult but best ways to tell your son how much you love him, and to show your support for your future daughter-in-law. Here are some tips on how to write your speech without any difficulty.

The mother to son wedding speech can be quite difficult because as we all know – men have a harder time expressing themselves emotionally. More so if they’re talking to their moms. Sons tend to feel embarrassed when hearing their moms talk about them in such a mushy manner. This is why you would have to follow certain rules when it comes to writing your own mother of groom wedding speech.

#1: Choosing the Right Tone

First, you have to remember that your son is a man now. So you need a cut down on the sweetness of your mother wedding speech. Make it more practical. Try to be tough yet emotional at the same time. Use words that he can relate to. Something like that would be acceptable:

I’m so proud of my son for growing up to be a perfect gentleman.”

#2: No Childhood Memories

The second tip would be to not mention anything that would embarrass your son in front of many people. Do not relate any embarrassing moments of his childhood. You may find it funny but men have a tendency to be embarrassed about childhood memories that make them look less manly.

#3: A Personal Touch

Thirdly, write your mother to son wedding speech in a conversational way. Write it as if you are talking to the groom directly and not to the audience. This personal touch will allow you to express yourself fully as the groom’s mother.

#4: Memorable and Worth Sharing

Moreover, you should be able to convey your message in such a way that your son will never be embarrassed to talk about it after the wedding. As the groom’s mother, you also have to consider his reputation among his friends and co-workers. Make sure that you don’t embarrass him with your words and actions during your speech.

#5: Giving Advice

The last tip has to do with giving advice. If you’re going to include an advice in your speech it would be best to keep it short. In this way, you will be able to show consideration for the other people who would like to speak after you.

A Surprise Ending

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A mother to son wedding speech should always have a surprise ending.  Make sure that you always have something prepared for your son at the end of your speech.  You can use this opportunity to give him a special gift or to sing a song for him before ending the speech.  By doing this, you will be able to immortalize your mother to groom wedding speech in the minds of the visitors long after the wedding. Your boy will never forget these gesture for the rest of his life.

UPDATE: Please check this amazing mother of groom speech example.

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