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Do you know what the etiquette for writing a sister of the bride speech is? Very few people do, so here are a few pointers. Being the sister of the bride is not something that you can control or you asked for, and the honor of the presentation of the speech might not be either. Nevertheless, it is important to give a speech that your sibling will be proud of.

Think Backwards

Being one of only a few people who have known your sister for the longest amount of time, you should have hundreds of stories to tell. However, these stories are not so easy to pluck from your memory instantly.

Jot down notes every time you’re remined of a funny story

A good way to reunite your mind with some of these notable stories is to sit down with other relatives and to talk about the past; you will be surprised what you begin to remember. Each time you are reminded of a funny or memorable story, jot down some notes.

Eventually, you will have a huge repertoire of things from which you can take to form your sister of the bride speech.

Be Yourself

You are also in a good position in that you do not need to be funny or have to quote hysterical anecdotes because this is the responsibility of the best man. You can speak from the heart or even quote lyrics from a song or poem from which you feel truth is spoken about the couple’s relationship.

Quote lyrics from a song or a poem

You do not need to try extra hard to impress as it is highly likely that ninety-nine per cent of the audience have known you since you were a child anyway, and falsities would stand out more than you would care to imagine. Talk honestly about your relationship and then begin to talk about hers with her new husband.

You must of course be very proud to be speaking for her on her wedding day and would like to wish them every luck for their future together.

End on a High Note

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If you have a special line to quote then leave this until the end and when finished, leave the audience for s few seconds to give them time to digest and appreciate it fully.

Try to find something very appropriate for the occasion to show that you have put a lot of thought into what you are saying. The parts of your sister of the bride speech that will be best remembered are moments like these, and you will be sure to bring a smile to the entire of the audiences’ faces.

Finish with a toast to the new couple and ask them all to raise their glasses once more, to help you wish them a happy and vibrant future together. Now pass onto the next speaker and get ready to take your seat and relax.

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