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The wedding speech from mother of the bride can be one of the most sincere speeches you can ever hear at a wedding. This is because it is the mother of the bride’s chance to express her true feelings about everything that is happening in her daughter’s life.

It is the mother of the bride’s responsibility to have a heart-to-heart talk with the bride before the wedding so that the bride can know what to expect during the speech. As her mother, you can give your daughter advice on how to handle married life. You can be considered an expert because of the experiences that you had with the bride’s father.

The Content

# Share stories

Aside from the advices, you can also share stories about your experiences with your daughter and how she was when she was little. You can reminisce about your fun times with the family. Because of this, you will have the chance to give subtle advices on how to raise a family and how to keep things intact during times of crisis.

# Thank the guests for attending

It is also important that you express your gratitude toward the people who came to your daughter’s wedding. It will also be an opportunity for you to indirectly talk with the groom and welcome him to the family. It will make him feel that you love him a lot and you are willing to give your daughter to him wholeheartedly.

# Express your love to your daughter

The wedding speech from mother of the bride can also be an opportunity for the mother to express how much she loves her children as well as her husband. It will make it a real family event if you decide to put something about your own family in your speech.

# No soap operas please

Remember that this is not a soap opera. You can put in some heartwarming words that will make the audience teary eyed but you should never make them cry too much with your speech. Your speech should only have the right touch of emotion so that it can reach your audience on a deeper level.

# Keep it short

Like any other speeches, you should also keep your wedding speech as mother of the bride short. It will definitely be something worth remembering if you are able to keep it as short as possible.

The Final Sentences

Mother of the Bride Speeches by Dan Stevens


To close the wedding speech mother of the bride, you can give your wishes and congratulatory statements to both the bride and groom. The commonly used phrase is the wish for them to have a happy and healthy life together.

As the mother of the bride, you will be the one to remind your daughter of all her responsibilities as a wife and as a mother to her future children. Therefore you have to keep the bond of friendship and communication alive between you and your daughter so that you would still be able to give her any help that she would need in the future. It is true that the mother’s role for her family is never finished.

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